Sunday, July 18, 2010

Perfect Purslane Pulling

Late last night we had thunder storms complete with a brief loss of electricity. This morning things were very wet indeed. Ed started his morning by picking the last of the snow peas and pulling the vines. I decided to weed the Walla Wallas. The ground beneath the onions was covered with purslane. Usually when you pull on purslane it snaps off, leaving bits and pieces behind to grow again. Today it was not like that. If you got a good grip on even one branch of the plant, the whole plant came out , roots and all. I've never had so much fun weeding out purslane in my life. I filled my trug with those soon to flower purslane plants. The succulent weeds were pretty heavy so Ed emptyed my trug for me, taking the purslane to the rough compost pile. There was still plenty of purslane to pull in the red onions, but the sun was getting hot, so I searched for a spot with partial shade where I could work in comfort.

The bee balm is tall enough to make a shady spot in the morning. I placed my little cart in that shady spot and went after the purslane in the asparagus bed. I spent my break time drinking water and watching tiger swallowtail butterflies , bumblebees, honey bees and hummingbird moths buzzing around those gorgeous flowers.

When I ran out of shade and purslane, I moved over to the shade garden. Ed and I worked together to weed the shade garden. I do the edge sitting on the wall reaching as far as I can. He uses stepping stones to weed the center. It could not have been a more perfect morning spent in the garden .

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