Sunday, July 4, 2010

Garlic Whine !

Ed's garlic came through the winter fine. In fact it still looked good in May, but the wet weather we have been having is not good for garlic. This bed of garlic is a disaster,rotten and wormy, garbage, too far gone even to compost. It's hard not to whine when you have to dig up one of your favorite crops and put it in the trash.

The one bright spot is that the garlic that Ed planted back in the wilderness garden looks much better. Perhaps we will not have a total crop failure. Ed will have to develop a new crop rotation for the garden in the back. Time will tell whether the garlic we have can be used for seed or if we will have to begin again. No wonder Ed is whining. He has spent years collecting some of these garlic varieties. We will see what October brings.

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