Friday, July 9, 2010

Hot Gardens In The City

It was pointed out to me that I must disclose that on this Bufa10 bloggers trip while the trip was not free,( I'm not in Congress!) special rates and sponser donated gifts were given. That being said, You will get what I truly think regardless!.

How amazing it is to walk the streets of Buffalo and see so many gardens. Eight inch strips between building and side walk have ornamental grasses where weeds would have been. The Allentown area has beautiful old houses. Front yards filled with stunning flowers and trees delight the eye. More intriguing are the hidden garden spaces tucked behind the house. This garden was filled with flowers and huge pots growing edible plants, a precaution against lead contamination in the city soil. I find these enclosed garden spaces fascinating compared to the wide open spaces we garden in at home. They certainly bring a coolness and beauty to city living.

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