Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garden Mushrooms?

We have been in a rain every day cycle for awhile now. Our garden is usually on the dry side of well drained. It was a surprise to see this group of mushrooms growing in the flowerbed at the base of a lily stalk. Mushrooms are fascinating. Just in this group of five,the change in color and shape of the mushrooms as they age is amazing. I have not noticed them there before so I think they grow at a very fast pace. It will be fun to see how long it takes that small button to grow into a big flat umbrella .

I always get out my mushroom identification book and try to find out what kind of fungus is among us. I never have been successful in making a positive identification. In the end it doesn't matter. I don't do mushrooms. While I have a certain comfort level with identifying and eating some wild plants. Mushrooms scare me. I'm not interested in digestive upset, let alone kidney failure or death.

Even though I would never put wild mushrooms on the menu, I do have a certain curiosity to know what kind they are. How about it fungus folks? What do you think?


wiseacre said...

Sometimes a piece of mushroom slips by my lips when eating Italian food. Fungi are not a food group I willingly eat, domestic or wild.

I'm always on the look out for wild mushrooms but even with 4 field guides I'm only able to identify a small fraction of what I find. I have better luck identifying slime molds

Taylor said...

My dad studied fungii when he was getting his PhD and we grew up in the woods of Alabama, so mushrooms were always a topic of conversation when we went out on our frequent nature walks. The lesson my dad always taught me was NEVER EVER EVER EVER eat a wild mushroom unless you are 150% sure of what it is and even then you probably shouldn't. So I admire them in the wild, but never touch them!