Friday, July 16, 2010

July,15: Bloom List

"Big Bird" day lily

July 15,2010, Bloom list: Ingeborg's mallow, purple cone flower, morning glory, bluets, spider wort, coral bells, meadow sage, Viola "Rebecca", lemon balm, evening scented stock, nasturtiums, Ptilotus Joey, Gallardia, Johnny jump ups, garden sage, Nicotiana, catchfly, Peppermint stick zinnia, Pyrythem daisy, strawberries, sun drops, Anchusa, "Pretty Belinda" yarrow, snapdragons, heliotrope, lavender Delphinium, lavender, pink poppies, sweet peas, Clematis, Red Lupine, Susan's day lilies, "Destined to See" day lily, wood betony, lambs ear, "Who Dun It" Dahlia, Landini lily, hens and chicks, Aclepsis tuberosa, sea holly, yellow sedum, Aclepsis curveceps, anise hyssop, gloriosa daisy, cosmos, red, pink, lavender and mahogany bee balm, orange turk's cap lily, smoke bush, catnip, hollyhock, French thyme, green beans, milkweed, cinnamon, lemon,red and green basil, Alpine strawberries, soapwort, pink poppies, hollyhocks, dill, anise hyssop, trumpet vine,"Sweet Surrender" tiger lily, pink mallow, wood betony, black-eyed Susan, cardinal flower, Liatrus, wild thyme, "Fiona Cogill" shasta daisy, "Cherry Brandy" Rudbeckia, blue eyed grass, perennial flax, white and pink Phlox,"Big Bird day lily, A.azuratum, "Stardust" chrysanthemum, society garlic, feverfew, drumstick allium, Laurentia star flower( Coming back after being cut back hard),rose of Sharon(1 flower), meadow sage, spearmint, tomatoes, lettuce, sparkler allium, green beans, yard long beans, milkweed, lemon verbena, queen of the meadow, sunflower, mullein, bleeding heart, yellow jewelweed, yellow squash, Easter lily, zucchini, green day lily, purslane, daisy fleabane, plume poppy

Flowers still in bud are not listed, at least one open flower is required to make the list.

This is our attempt to find out what blooms at the same time in the garden. We hope it will help us to plan our planting better. Some of the flowers should be snipped or the plants pulled. We are working on it!

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