Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh My ! Was That A Baltimore Oriole?

It rained on and off yesterday and the wildlife took advantage of the fact that the garden was deserted. I watched from in the house as a doe and her fawn strolled by. Obviously the garden is a place they like to check out when no one is home. Later when there was a lull in the rain, I took out the compost, and three fox kits streaked from the garden for cover in the woods. I wish I had seen them from the window. I would have enjoyed watching them. In the evening a large skunk wanders about in the garden. I suspect the hornet nest over by the patio disappeared because of him. Bon appetit! With all this wildlife around it might seem curious that a pair of Baltimore orioles could cause such a commotion here. They are such beautiful birds. Who wouldn't want to see them in the garden? The trumpet vine is a hint.

Because last year we caged and netted the lilies and nothing happened, we forgot about the orioles. As soon as we spotted that gorgeous flash of black and orange, we remembered.It was the year before that the real carnage happened. Ed and I worked yesterday to put the lilies in the protective custody of cages and bird netting. The trumpet vine will have to endure. Thank goodness we saw that gorgeous pair of birds in time!

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