Friday, February 7, 2020

Snowy Stillness

I love the quietness of a snowy day.  I awoke to the sight of huge flakes of snow falling at a dizzying pace.  They obscured the view of the garden like a  white lace curtain. As the temperature dropped the snowflakes became smaller and the view of the garden improved. First the stone square and the shade garden emerged from the cloud of white.

After a time the trees at the South end of the garden came into view.  I love the clean, white, muffled  stillness of the garden on a day like this.  The birds and other critters are nowhere to be seen.  They are huddled up in a sheltered place  just like I am.  When the snow stops they will get back to business but now all is quiet.

Late in the afternoon the ridge in the distance could be seen.  The quiet isolation of being snowed in is comforting for a time. However,  soon the snowy stillness was broken by the sound of the lane being plowed.  We are no longer alone surrounded by silence.

Late in the day the garden scene changes from white to pale blue.  I will try to remember the peace and quiet of this snowy day.  Sometimes I forget how lovely the snow can be!