Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas Greetings

As is frequently the case, a casual observer might not focus on my intended subject.  The first thing worthy of a second glance is the evergreen tree.  Since my life here was planned to focus on the out of doors, bringing living things inside, be they flowers or trees, has not been important to me.  This year we found this tree growing right next to our utility pole and one or the other had to go. The tree went.  Placed in the center of our stone walled garden square, it just seemed appropriately festive.

There is no guarantee where the eye will stop next.  The red and white hat is not part of a Santa suit.  The logo says International Harvester and  is  all that remains of my first pickup truck.  This is not the original hat but is a recent find. The shirt deserves more than a mention.

In my view, our country is bitterly divided with neither side holding all of the sin nor all of the virtue.  I cannot see how either political party can get us out of this mess.  From what I have heard spoken, RESPECT is a major value for only one candidate for President.  So, for the first time in my life, I am sending money to a political candidate and will likely be relegated to casting a write in ballot.  I understand the futility of my actions since NYS is a send it all to the Electoral College for the winner of the popular vote.

To put it bluntly, I am backing Tulsi.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Holiday Greetings

Traditional holiday greetings from Stone Wall Gardens to everyone that should have received a USPS delivered card or an Email greeting.  We must stay within our reliably functional skill set.  This row of pines were impressive when this land came our way twenty-five years ago.  We believe that one or more of the children of the last family to farm this land planted these Norwegian Spruce trees as a 4-H project.  We have opened a path across the interior of these trees.  It is a great refuge from beastly summer heat.

This is a stark departure from customary holiday cards.  For the second time this year, Locust branches are laden with new snow.  Some may find the brutal beauty worth a second look.  One of our early activities here was to truck compost from a village heap to our planned garden.  A Locust tree grew up out of that pile and was deemed worthy of anchoring our shade garden.

                                         Happy Holiday Greetings to all who read this.

                                                                     Becky & Ed

Monday, December 9, 2019

Snow Place To Sit In The Garden

There is no place to sit in the garden today.  It is covered in snow.  Most places the snow is not terribly deep, but it is the way the wind smooths everything out so steps down or places to trip are hidden from sight make a garden walk tricky.  I ventured out to get a milkweed pod with seeds for a friend.  It is late and most of the milkweed is down under the snow, but I spied one inside the stone square from my bedroom window.  I had the camera with me and the snow on the old garden chairs caught my attention.

We have had these chairs in the garden for a very long time.  My Dad used to sit in them to enjoy the garden in Unadilla.  I love the way the snow curls over the front of the chair!

Right now the chairs sit facing each other on the stone patio.  The snow is more melted on the South side of  both chairs. Wind and sun make interesting shapes with snow.  A goldenrod seed head decorates the arm of the chair.

I love the textures of the snow, ice and weathered wood.  Except for the pale green of some lichens these pictures almost look like a study in black and white.

It is a grey day and the color outside this morning is in the driveway.  Ed is planted firmly on the bright yellow seat of his green John Deere working on clearing the driveway.  We are expecting some warmer temperatures and rain.  Lots of rain might melt the snow, but just a little will  likely make a hard icy crust when it freezes.  The garden sleeps under it's blanket of white, but Ed makes sure that we are not asleep at the switch!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Missed Thanksgiving

Our home is placed between the glacial kame terrace visible in the background and the rather gentle final drop to the river.  Meltwater from the disappearing glacier cut a narrow ravine at the end of this field that we call our lawn.  Various wildlife use this gentler sloped valley to move from the river flat toward higher fields.  That is the path that these turkeys are using on their march to Hillman's manure coated fields.  Our resident deer also use this well traveled path heading in the same direction as the turkeys.  Just how these animals survive winter with both the cold and snow covered food is amazing.  That makes me feel rather pathetic by comparison.  I have to go now.  My hot tea is ready.