Monday, July 12, 2010

Back From Buffalo!

I have to admit I have a little jet lag, and I didn't fly to Buffalo. Buffa10 was a incredible four days.

Thursday afternoon we arrived at the Embassy Suites and checked in.Our suite was spacious with a beautiful view of downtown Buffalo. We took no time to sit and enjoy it because we needed to walk to North Pearl Street to look at gardens opened especially for us. Garden Walk Buffalo is not until the last weekend in July. This year the 24th and 25th. We toured a number of gardens on North Pearl and Park Street. Many of the houses have garden from the house to the sidewalk with no lawn at all. Others have some lawn with beautiful flower beds. Buffalo seems to have a gardening infection that spreads through neighborhoods with terrific results.

Front yards may be viewed from the sidewalk anytime, but if a yellow Garden Walk sign is posted you can enter the garden. You can wander between the houses and enter private gardens in the back. Frequently hidden behind a charming garden gates, these back yard havens are often shady spots to sit and relax. Thursday was a scorcher, and the temperature drop was amazing when entering these enclosed green spaces. We spent some time in Elizabeth's garden meeting the other bloggers for the first time. From there we walked to dinner at the 20th Century Club. We had an amazing dinner outside in the garden. Fabulous food and garden conversation made for an enjoyable evening. We walked back to the hotel and arrived at about 10:00 PM. Tired, I skipped my plans for a late night swim in the pool headed for bed. Friday was to be a full day!

Having had more than 70 garden bloggers in Buffalo, there are lots of beautiful photographs of the gardens in Buffalo on line to see, and that's great, but there is still time to attend this fabulous FREE event. If gardening is your thing, then the last weekend in July , Buffalo is the place for you to be!


Gail said...

Becky, I was so very glad to meet you in Buffalo~The gardens were splendid and the company made them even better. gail

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

I felt jet lagged -- and I barely left my neighborhood! It was a pleasure to meet you and Amy. I hope you visit with Amy's friend went well. I think everyone needed some downtime after this past week.

DeVona said...

Becky! Your blog's fantastic! I'm glad you took the time to go!

tom sheepandgoats said...

My wife and I loved this show. (and wrote a post about it) Completely changed our image of Buffalo. Here we are in Rochester, only an hour away, and we knew nothing of Buffalo gardens.