Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buffa10, Day 3

Starting small is one means of dealing with deep dislike. These cute little guys are irresistible!

Variegated and rounder, more heart shaped leaves are easy to love, too. After all, a pure heart must be free of hosta hatred.

That is one curvaceous, mysterious, and giant leaf! It merits mention that some truly lovely hosta flowers can be observed in this wonderful garden also.

So, this is progress. When I see a huge planting of hostas, it remains troubling, but an offer has been made to plant some in the shade garden and I'm considering it. Some miniature ones would look fantastic right at the base of the locust tree.


Northern Shade said...

A few years ago I wasn't fond of Hosta either, and had none in the garden, even though I have lots of shady areas. Then I started to appreciate them, planted a few, and loved the way they looked when combined with feathery textured ferns and other shade plants. I started adding more and more. Just recently I ordered a large encyclopedia of Hosta book, so I think the conversion must be complete.

EAL said...

I think the gardener whose plants are featured in this post wrote that book ...

The only thing I have about hostas is that I don't see why there needs to be so many.