Friday, July 9, 2010

Buffa10, Day 1

I spent my formative years here in Buffalo, so many of my thoughts have little to do with gardening. One problematic plant plant-related sentiment is this: I hate hostas! They are everywhere here and it's clear that many people have an abiding affection for them. Although great effort may be required, my Buffa10 goal is to learn to like a couple of varieties of hostas.

It starts with tolerance of the leaf or two that appear above. The deep veins do draw the eye nicely in this photograph. We'll see how this goes.


Joseph said...

It was great meeting you in Buffalo!
I have to say I agree with you on hostas -- they are sure overused! Though that one garden we visited on Saturday has got me thinking differently about the miniature ones. Maybe I'll have to plant a couple.

Unknown said...

LOL! So now that you've had a whole weekend of Buffalo and hostas... have you been converted? :)