Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Who Left the Corn?

Ed was mowing and came in the house to get me to take this picture. There in the grass is a neat little pile of field corn. We don't grow field corn. The nearest field corn belongs to the neighbors and is not within sight. It is within walking, no, hiking distance. Perhaps it was the crows. The corn not that far away as the crow flies. But why would a crow fly in field corn and pile it in the short crab grass and yarrow?

I know! Perhaps it was a squirrel. They collect acorns and bury them. I vaguely remember something about squirrel corn, but wait that's a wild flower. So if a squirrel took the trouble to bring the corn from so far away, why didn't he bury it? Maybe he hit a stone!


Anonymous said...

It certainly looks like it was carefully put there!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the squirrel sneezed with his mouth full. :) Quite a mystery!