Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Was I Thinking?

Tuberose-Single RARE! Polianthes tuberosa. Wax-like flowers inspired Shelley to write "sweet tuberose, the sweetest flower for scent that blows."...Intoxicating! Late summer bloom. 3' tall Tender perennial zones 8-11

The Seeds of Change catalog pushed all my buttons last winter. Rare, intoxicating scent--these are words that make me weak in the knees. But really now , here I am in Upstate New York zone 4. What in the world made me think a late summer blooming plant zones 8-11 would be happy here? Before the frost Ed dug the bulbs and we put them in a pot in the house. They have grown more inside in a couple of weeks than they did all summer in the garden. Even now the plants are barely 12" tall. They are green and growing so they won a spot in a south facing window. As for those sweetest flowers, who knows?


Anonymous said...

You have been given an award! Please stop by my blog and pick it up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do hope you get to see this bloom -- and take lots of pictures when it does!

themanicgardener said...

It's a bit like lust, isn't it, what happens to some gardeners when they get around a catalogue or a plant nursery: thinking has very little to do with it.