Thursday, October 16, 2008

A New Bed for Spring Bulbs

New bulbs are safely tucked in their bed for the winter. After a nice long nap they will provide excitement in the spring. This bed has two Beau Regard alliums, Drumstick alliums, Firecracker in the sky mix and A. albopilosum bulbs.The cages are necessary here to keep the turkeys from rolling in the newly disturbed soil. It's comical to watch the large birds roll in the dirt, but the bed suffers. You can see the uncaged portion of the bed has had some digging going on. I suspect a skunk, but the evidence is circumstantial. At least there were no bulbs lying on the surface to be replanted. I hate that!


Anonymous said...

That should be a lovely burst of color in the spring, Becky. I'm having trouble visualizing the turkeys rolling in the dirt. :) That must be quite a dance.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I had no idea turkeys did that sort of thing .. now I have a mental picture for the rest of the day thank you ! LOL
You are VERY efficient ! .. great planning and follow through. Some how I dthink of the planing .. but the follow through, well, a lot doesn't happen ? haha