Thursday, October 30, 2008

Plants in the Livingroom

It's white out there again today. Thank goodness I have some plants inside. I can rub my scented geraniums to bring back the summer garden. I can still snip a bit of spicy globe basil, parsley, rosemary or sweet marjoram to add to my cooking. I can cut a leaf of lemon grass for tea or chop a stalk in a stir fry. If I feel the need to pull a weed I can find some.

I will admit we bring in too much lemon grass. It was so hard to get the plant in the beginning. We don't want to lose it. There are 3 pots here, but I have more!


Garden State Kate said...

I wish I had a window to keep herbs in the house. I have a very small greenhouse, and I try to make due with that.I missed growing scented geraniums this year.
Welcome to Blotanical!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely little indoor garden. I've got to plan ahead next year so that I can bring in some basil and parsley from my own garden (or just start them in pots, I suppose). The lemongrass looks lush.