Thursday, October 9, 2008

Waiting For My Mum

It's been frost every night here and so I've been covering this Chinese chrysanthemum. Maybe that bud is getting bigger, but it's very slow going. Tonight it's warmer and rain is predicted so no cover will be needed. I also have a cut branch in a south facing window. One way or another I would like to see a flower.

The rest of the tender plants are on their own. Many of them are on the compost. More of them are headed there. The squash and tomato vines are awaiting their cremation. The moon flower vine is slimy. Getting it off the wire trellis is disgusting to the touch. Then there is the stench. Yuck! I wish I had just pulled it up before. I knew it would never flower. Oh well, that's what rubberized gloves are for.

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