Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just One More

This view looks south. The small light dot at the edge of the mowed area near the tree line at the top of the picture was our first quarters here. It is a ancient camper that belonged to my parents. Had our pockets been deeper and our courage stronger we would have built our home in the back. We now have reservations about growing old off the grid. It is likely better that we built where we did.

The far line of trees grows on the bedrock ridge. There are year round springs all along the base of that ridge. The water finds no surface outlet since it soon disappears into the glacial gravel that fills our valley. The adjacent square miles are wild. Local legend describes wildcats that still live here. We have seen no wildcats. Bears never found our bee hives. Coyotes do inhabit this area. We have seen them up close. We hear them often. The presence of coyote scat in the walking trails indicates that we are not the only ones that walk there.

It was always Ed's dream to retire in the wilderness. When he found the wilds right next to the paved road, I was sold. He gets to stay on the hill. I get to go into town.

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Becky ... what an amazing life you and your husband have created here .. I have to take more time when I have it and read through your blog .. it is wonderful !