Monday, October 6, 2008

A Bird's Eye View

When we are working in the garden we are sometimes distracted when a overflying plane starts to circle above us. Does the appearance of our garden catch their eye? Yesterday was a perfect autumn day, and the annual fly-in breakfast at a nearby airport featured plane rides. I pushed the strains of Buddy Holly out of my head, and ignored the butterflies in my stomach. I was going to see my garden from the air.

The ride turned out to be fun and the view spectacular. This time it was Ed in the garden planting bulbs with me circling overhead.

This was my first plane ride since 1971. Taking photographs from the air was totally new to me. There are already plans to do this again next year with a better camera and clear goals. Still I have spent much of the afternoon looking again and again at our garden. This land passed to us fourteen years ago. It was unused pasture then. Starting on the garden was our first task. Much remains to be done. We are amazed by what we have accomplished so far.


Anonymous said...

What a view! That's a real treat, and something most people never get to see. It brings a lot of perspective, doesn't it?

The Afton Vision said...

I admire your choice and you inspire me -- maybe I can do it next year, too. Gulp...flying in a small plane.
Seems well worth it -- the views and photos such a treat.