Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Bee...autiful Mum

Every night we cover this "Emperor of China" chrysanthemum. Finally the first flower is opening. The foliage is turning maroon just as advertised. We put this plant in this year and it is supposed to be a late season bloomer. I'm so glad it wasn't TOO late.

The plant is covered with buds. We will see just how long the "Emperor" can hang in there. It is my fervent hope that this plant will winter over for us. The catalog did say zone 4 - 9. It could happen!


Joyce said...

Hi Aunt Becky, I love your blog. Your photos and stories are wonderful. We have been following it for sometime but I am just finally getting my blog set up to respond. This bloggin world is so new to me but I love it!! Sarah's became an instant hit in the Down syndrome world which I expected, so I had to help her get a few weeks of posts ready. It looks like you are having a beautiful fall in NY.

Anonymous said...

The Emperor of China has a lovely colour, with the pink fading to palest pink on the tips.
I especially love your stone work as the backdrop.

JGH said...

That's a gorgeous variety there! I'm in zone 6 (Nyack, NY) and have tried overwintering mums a few times. They've never performed too well, but I'm giving it another shot this year. They seem to grow very slowly in my garden and never bloom as well as they did the first year.

Great idea to put bulbs in a cage. I had to smile envisioning turkeys rolling in the dirt :-)