Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Arrivals for the Shade Garden

New arrivals to be planted in the shade garden require careful weeding be done before they can be planted. Already established plants need to maintain their space. Some of the shade plants are there all summer, but some spring ephemerals like Dutchman's breeches disappear.

Ordinary weeds plus pink poppies, catnip, jewel weed , chickweed, wild lettuce, sunflowers and even an Egyptian onion needed to be removed . Sometimes I wonder where they all come from, but I know seeds are in the soil , arrive on the wind and are dropped by birds, one way or the other.

Three wintergreens and a golden seal have been placed in their new home behind the twin flower. Native plants can compete well in their natural environment, but given the interesting mix of weeds we have some help is definitely required. We hope they will love their new home!

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Erin said...

Are those trilliums in the background of the first picture?? I was born in Ontario and it is the provincial flower. There were thousands of them behind our house in the 'bush'.