Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Close-Ups , Photos by Amy

Up Close this newly opened tree peony flower is a real stunner. The small bush has just one flower, but it's huge. This picture was taken on Saturday.

By Sunday the huge flower was fully opened showing its yellow center. This is a flower that can be seen from a distance.

Yellow Hawkweed may be a weed to some , but it's favorite wildflower for Amy. Although the flowers were wide open during the day today, by sunset they were closed up tight for the night.

Finally this summer we spotted flowers on the Twin flower plant. It's no small accomplishment. You can see how small the flower bud is  compared to the size of a dime. Unfortunately this flower has lost it's twin. Amy observed ants in the area and wondered if they were responsible for the missing twin.

This close-up picture reveals that these small red and black ants were after an earthworm . Perhaps they are innocent in the disappearance of the tiny flower.

Amy's close-up picture of a petunia shows off it's extraordinary markings. I have to tell you the fragrance of this flower is just as intriguing.

Now begins the time when the number of beautiful flowers and interesting things to photograph in the garden is endless. Endless too  is the list of things to be done. It was a beautiful day. Ed spent the entire day outside.We do what we can.  Tomorrow it all begins again.

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Sheila said...

The tree peony bloom is gorgeous! After seeing peonies in several blogs, I keep wondering why I don't yet have any!