Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trillium Pink and Apple Blossom White

It's hard to get pictures of the garden these days. Rain seems to be an every day thing. Amy was lucky to get this picture of apple blossoms.

It's amazing to see blossoms on all of the old apple trees . This year all the old apple trees in the woods are covered with blossoms. The weather has been warm so frost is not a concern as far as setting fruit goes, but we don't see too many pollinators with all the rain.

When a white trillium turns pink it will soon be gone. Amy was lucky to get a picture of this one. Before she finished her walk the rains came again and she came back wet enough to have to change her clothes.

Ed transplanted the trailing arbutus this afternoon. It had to be done as soon as they were moved so he planted them in their carefully prepared spot in the pouring rain.

With all the rain the garden is lush green and growing. New flowers are blooming and need their photo op. I really could use some dry time in the garden tomorrow. I know I'll get wet feet, but I like to keep the camera dry!


Beth at PlantPostings said...

Ah, so pretty! I found a Trillium erectum (Red Trillium) in the garden today. I've never found one there before. What a treat! I hope you have a great photo op day tomorrow!

Mae said...

So beautiful!!! I don't even like the color pink, but it is soon having a special place in my heart...