Monday, May 23, 2011

The Drive Thru Meadow

Ed and I spent the morning in the garden. He planted the rest of the potatoes. We both pulled lots of weeds and we even got a few plants planted. After lunch Ed went back to the task of getting caught up on his mowing. He makes these nice paths to make walking easier. It's nice to walk and explore the meadow without wading through the tall grass and without having to worry about stepping in holes or ugh!!! ticks. I found one of those little buggers on me just yesterday. This afternoon I grabbed the camera and took a ride up to the high meadow on the garden tractor.

Ed had told me that the barberry bush was worth the trip. It was! This bush is huge and it was covered with blossoms on every arching branch.

I just love the way the blossoms hang underneath the branches. The flowers have a pleasant but subtle scent.
The entire bush was buzzing with activity. I managed to get a shot of this interesting, but unknown, insect. This picture also shows you an example of the thorns that protect this bush.

I drove around the perimeter of Amy's meadow. When I got to the stand of Norway spruce, I had to take this picture of a pink pine cone. It was too neat to pass up.

These weird looking things are new cones on the larch tree .What fascinating texture and color for what will turn out to be an ordinary looking brown pine cones.

These pretty pink flowers are on a bush type of Japanese honeysuckle. This plant is pretty, and the birds love the berries, but it is horribly invasive here.

Most of these plants have white flowers. They are a nemesis of Ed's and he digs them out every chance he gets. They will never be welcome here, but today they were pretty.

I really enjoyed my ride. Later this afternoon the rains came again, but this time too late to spoil the kiddies' fun!.

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Donna said...

lovely meadow isn't big enough for a path but can't wait to see more of yours...