Thursday, March 14, 2019

Snow Is Going

It seems that snow has covered the ground continuously here for far too many weeks.  Those of us that have lived in the Southern Tier of New York State for even a short period of time know that some snow will return but its time with us will be brief.  Today is special because we are able to see evergreen plants or new growth for the first time this year.  These Arbutus plants were transplanted so long ago that they could now pass for a natural occurrence of a native plant.  Of course, the wire covering cage that keeps the hungry rabbits from eating these tasty green leaves tells another story.

Early flowers form their buds at the end of the previous years growth cycle.  That these buds spent the winter under the snow never ceases to amaze me.  Very soon we will bury our faces close to the ground to drink in the incredibly sweet fragrance of these flowers.

Snowdrops are native to the area that includes Iran.  Their first white flowers boost the spirits so we have knowingly included then along the edge of our native plants garden.  These flowers will likely be open tomorrow.  Seeds will follow and very soon this area will be thick with  new plants.  These bulbs were moved here just last Fall.

Growing the elusive native plant Cardinal Flower has been a passion for us for years.  A goal is to have these plants reproduce naturally from seed with no help from us.  These new plants are tucked under a west facing stone wall.  Heat stored in the stones may help these plants escape death from late frosts.  Foxglove still locked in ice may also offer protection as it grows in front of the wall.  We shall see.

Many other perennial plants are showing early signs of life.  These next few relatively warm days shall prove exciting.  We will be outdoors breathing in fresh air while moving about to see what new growth has pushed above the recently frozen ground.  It is becoming safe to walk on ice free ground so there is no telling just how far we will roam tomorrow.

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