Monday, December 4, 2017

More Moss Covered Rocks

It seems that I stumble across more stones that will fit right in with the plans for the new woodland garden.  This beauty was partially buried at the base of the gravel bank close to the brush pile.  It seems unlikely that it was not spotted earlier.  Perhaps its location was simply forgotten.  Once again the rock was found some distance away from the garden.  Fortunately most of the way was downhill.  If this rock is partially buried, the moss should survive in its new location.  Garden rocks can be attractive additions to what needs to look natural but moss covered rocks are simply great.

Just why and where these primitive life forms grow is a mystery.  A long row of junk stones were piled along the steep slope of the gravel bank to form a safe place to walk.  One small section of this wall is covered with active lichen and moss plants while the rest of the wall is barren.  Moisture must funnel to this area as it runs down the face of the gravel.  Why that happens is hidden under the surface.

This stone had moss growing on it when it was placed in the patio.  We planted the thyme after the patio was finished.  In time the thyme will spread and cover the moss but now they look great together.

Back at the gravel bank, this seems to be the time of year when both the moss and lichens are in active growth.  Structures supporting reproduction seem common now.  Their timing seems off but they are a very old form of growth so their must be some advantage to doing this important work in the cold.

These rocks will not be moved.  The new location might not support this growth and we will simply not risk ending them.  We can always walk to this out of the way place whenever we fancy a peek at these fascinating lichens.

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