Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cat Gone

A statement identifying me as not a cat lover must begin this post.  Their general independent nature sharply contradicts my sense of order.  Still, I recognize beauty when I see it and the only thing missing from this picture is the beautiful cat that was just moments earlier sitting in my garden.  A sharp and narrow gray stripe pattern covers the absent cat.  A huge white beard overlays nearly all of the exposed chest when this cat is sitting.  This visitor is in excellent condition carrying just enough weight to indicate a non-feral existence.  This attempt to capture it in a picture was discerned early on.  The sneak indirect approach was quickly understood and the cat pressed itself flat against the ground.  Despite the fact that the camera was on as I approached, when the cat bolted toward the trees it disappeared from sight before I could snap the picture.

This cat visited our garden earlier in the day.  It patiently sat motionless for quite some time but none of the furry rodents that call this place home ventured out.  The cat had to settle for a good long rub against the seed pods of this now dormant catnip plant.

The fix was followed by a bit of a nap on the fabric covering the lettuce cage.  Satisfied, the cat returned home or at least left the garden.  No pictures were even attempted while the cat was getting its fix.  It just did not seem right to disturb it during its euphoric state.

These pictures were taken just after the cat's second visit of the day.  My intrusion preceded the roll in the catnip.  My best guess is that we will see the cat again before darkness falls at day's end.

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Becky said...

I love my cat but I'm not at all interested in any others! However I believe that we have fewer rodents in the garden when they stop by, so I welcome visits, but am glad when they go home! If today's visitor were my cat I would be tempted to knit it a Santa hat!