Monday, May 5, 2014

Moving Day Approaches

We learned the hard way that arbutus plants are eaten by wild animals.  This past Winter, a rabbit ate all of the above ground growth of our single wild arbutus.  Plans are in place to provide protection if the plant replaces its leaves and stems.  We plan to use the old cage from our earlier transplanted arbutus to cover the plants soon to be moved.  Our existing patch needed a new larger cage.

Large flat stones were used as weed control and the dark patches free of pine needles mark their former locations.  Our new plan was to use stones to prevent a marauding woodchuck from simply pushing the cage aside.  The new wire cage would rest in a well.

The arbutus plants had grown near the edge of the older cage.  A very necessary white pine limits growing space on two sides.  With encouragement, new growth will spread into the open protected ground.  One must be able to bring his nose to the flowers.  The job could not be declared finished until the sniff test was successfully completed.  Two large flat stones provide similar access from the other side.

Final chinking to fill unsightly voids still needs attention.  The cage must be lifted up before it can be moved away from the precious plants.  Opposable  thumbs are required for that task.  We hope that these plants are fully protected.  The move of the new plants should take place in the next day or two.

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