Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fun In The Sun, But Ready For Frost

Ed and I are having so much fun in the garden, we can hardly keep up with ourselves.  It is warm out  but not hot and the ground is perfect for weeding and planting.  Started on Monday, the planting of onion plants was finished today.  That is some bed of onions!  Perhaps we got a little carried away with the Dixondale catalog.  We are still eating onions from last year. A bed of onions like this is better that money in the bank!  Ed put in a second bed of peas.  To be honest I have kind of lost track of exactly which day he did that.

It is wonderful to be out there in the sunshine.  The tree swallows make a game of flying close to our heads as we work.  They are fantastic flyers and sometimes come very close.  Ed stopped his work for a few minutes to watch a pair mating on a post near where he was working.  It's the same with the hawks that circle overhead that get you to look up from your weeding because of the raucous noises the crows make when they dive at the beautiful hawks.  Sometimes they come close like the tree swallows and sometimes they actually make contact.  They are serious about their attack as they are protecting their nest from real danger.

 I spent part of my day weeding in the shade garden.  One has to watch out for  newly emerging plants, but is is a delightful surprise to find them.  It's not quite as delightful when you uproot something that you are trying to protect.  A few inappropriate works may slip out, but then an undamaged plant is returned to the bed  with an apology. A damaged one is dropped in the compost with a sigh.  You can't garden with out disturbing things.  That goes for both plants and animals.  It goes with the territory.

I love these early spring plants even if they don't last for long.  I worked here as long as I was having fun, but then moved on to a vegetable bed where  I could relax and dig up all the weeds without concern for what might be planted.
Later this afternoon  it will be time to cover our cold sensitive plants . In May a sunny spring day followed by a clear cloudless sky frequently means frost here!

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