Friday, May 9, 2014

Amy's Magnolia

We carefully planted this magnolia in what we thought would be a good spot especially for Amy back in 2011.  We were hoping it would do well even though we often get late spring frosts.  This year some of the flowers might have slightly brown edges from our last frost, but they are pink and pretty just the same.

Some buds are still in their fuzzy shell.

This one wears the shell like a hat . These pictures were taken yesterday.

After a night of thunder storms and a day of warm sunshine the flowers are looking good.

Some of them are still buds. I really hope the flowers will last until she come here again.

She loves to look up at the blue sky through a magnolia tree.  This afternoon the sky was gray and not blue.  Perhaps we will get more rain. The effect is not quite the same.  In 2013 it had 8 flowers.  After 3 years it may still be small, but a magnolia of your own is a special treat.  I hope this year more flowers open and it continues to be pretty in pink!


Indie said...

We have several magnolias blooming in the neighborhood, and they are so amazingly beautiful! I know you must be anxiously waiting for your tree to grow up and be full of blooms!

Oakherder said...

Beautiful shots of your Magnolia blossoms and tree. Lovely.