Friday, March 2, 2012

Return of The Dreaded Spider Mites

Once again a wave of invaders threatens my house plants. I have so much hope for my lemon verbenas this year.  So often by this time they look like dead sticks waiting for the compost pile. Ed is getting some winter exercise carrying these plants up the stairs to the bathroom where they get a shower followed by a treatment spray of vodka  and soap. While I am doing that he is vacuuming the spot in front of the basement window to make it ready for their return.

Before the shower I try to remove as many bad leaves as possible. Once the spraying has been done, Ed carries the now much heavier pots back to the basement window sill.

The aroma of vodka has filled the house for several days. The sweet bays had sticky leaves again. Whether the clear liquid is scale barf or something worse makes little difference.  I just want the little suckers to die. This close up of my curry leaf plant looks really good. I think those are flower buds.

A step back reveals that the plant is still looking a pretty pathetic. It did look worse! I have a feeling that this curry leaf plant should be cut back, but when and how?  I'm open to suggestions. This plant has been through a lot already. We look forward to spring and the chance to put these plants outside where the spring breezes, and rain can join in the battle. Some scale and spider mite eating bugs would be nice too!

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Kathy said...

I don't know any bugs that eat scale... but I wonder if the spider mites were to fall on one of these butterworts they would be history!!