Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Shot for My Curry Leaf, and Leave the Bottle!

For two months my curry leaf plant has been in solitary confinement in my bathroom.  It looks pretty pathetic.  In January it had more leaves at the top and looked like this.  In between then and now things have been sad.  It seemed like every day more leaf stems were falling to the floor. I fed the plant yogurt.  I gave it an eggshell and I continued to spray it from time to time with vodka and soap. I was all but ready to give up,  but then to my amazement new growth began to appear on the tall spindly plant. The first growth started at the base of the plant.

Then a new set of cute little leaves appeared  along the stem.  Tiny green bumps can be seen in other places too.

If the plant can try this hard to battle those disgusting little sucking scales,  then the least I can do is do my part.  Maybe my lush plant can be a lush plant again if I hang in there, and if the booze holds out until spring.  It's worth at least a shot or two!

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DeVona said...

Enjoyed your post...Your persistence and patience are paying off! Hang in there!