Saturday, March 10, 2012

Snow in March

Usually snow in March here is anything but news. It is the norm. This year a snowy garden scene has been a bit hard to come by. It was easy to see the visiting early morning deer against the snow and for once it left without anyone having to go outside.

The sunflower seeds in the bird feeder are rapidly disappearing. A large flock of what looks to me like goldfinches are hanging about to enjoy the free lunch. The black capped chickadees that are faithful all winter customers seem a bit miffed at the crowds.

It's a good day to do some  indoor garden stuff. Because of our horribly wet fall, we didn't have any scarlet runner bean seed from last year. I must  plant scarlet runner beans. Whether grown on a trellis or  an arch, the red flowers are delightful. Not only do they attract hummingbirds, they are edible as well. The beans are edible too both in the green pods when young and as a shelled bean. The shiny black and pink seeds are  so beautiful that they are nice enough to display in a jar.  I did a germination check on the seeds I had saved from 2010. I chose large smooth beans and they germinated 100%.  I was pleased. I haven't actually shelled out for new scarlet runner bean seed for years.  Most years I give these gorgeous pink and black seeds to friends as a gift.

I think I'll get another plastic bag and another wet paper towel to do some more tests on my old seeds. It's a good deal more fun, faster and a lot less work than planting them in soil and waiting. Ed's basement lettuce is up. Our garden fun has begun!


DeVona said...

Enjoyable post, as always, Becky! The seeds of kindness you planted ten years ago are still sprouting in unexpected ways... Pat Stone recommended me to Katrina at Walt Nickes GardenTalk; I just did a cover for their upcoming mail order catalog and they may be interested in my cards, too! So, thank you, thank you!

Becky said...

That's great news! It's hard to believe it has been 10 years that you have been doing illustrations for Greenprints. To see some of those great drawings just click on DeVona!