Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Pure Delight of Early Spring Bulbs

These are the snow drops that came up in the leaves around my tree peony.  Their flowers are open in spite of the fact that the foliage  is still yellowed from the lack of sunlight.  I think in time the leaves and stems will be their normal green, but the flowers have no time to wait.  If the weather stays warm, their chance to bloom will be short.

The bees are just as delighted as I am to see these beautiful little Dutch Iris flowers.  Many years they bloom in the snow.  They thrive in cool weather.  Even if these early  temperatures in the sixties  shorten their bloom time, their exquisite beauty lifts my spirits.

With  the deer frequently visiting here, wire cages give these little flowers a measure of protection against being eaten or trampled.  The system is not foolproof.  Small rabbits or squirrels can easily pass through the wire mesh. I look forward to tomorrow  in the garden confident there will be even more of these perfect little flowers making an appearance. 


Esther Montgomery said...

Hope they are there. Maddening to wait all this time only to find they've been nibbled or trodden upon.

DeVona said...

Wow! Your Dutch Iris are a welcome sight! My front border has been a crocus cafe for busy bees! ( but no iris yet)

HolleyGarden said...

I love those beautiful dutch irises! Didn't realize deer loved them so much. Isn't it exciting to see new blooms every day?!

georgi said...

Great photograph of a bee in search of his goal. All nice photos.