Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Glorious Gardening Day

This morning with the time change we were a little late getting going, but by the time we did head outside the day was gloriously warm.  I was delighted to find this single winter aconite in bloom.  It is the very first bit of  bright color to show in the garden.  Why only one of twelve bulbs planted remains is an unanswered question.  We will replant this fall.

 I worked on cleaning up the bed in front of the house, and Ed tackled the job of  removing weeds from this bed of emerging bulbs. He removed a huge catnip from this spot. I didn't think it could be done, but he did it. The bulbs don't even look like they have been disturbed.

It was  a heated  battle, weeds and grass had made serious inroads into this area.  Ed is a well motivated and persistent weeder. When he is finished the beds always  look fantastic.  A top dressing of compost and duff replaced the soil that was removed with the weeds.  He watered the disturbed plants and headed off to attack another spot in the garden.

The sun was down and the light dwindling when Ed finally came in from the garden. He'll have to rest up tonight because tomorrow looks like another glorious gardening day!

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Donna said...

It was a glorious day Becky...I was out protecting plants from deer and rabbits, taking off protection of shrubs and whacking back clematis that is already body gave out quickly...I fell this past week and sustained a few strains, sprains and bruises so I am taking it easy...