Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chrysanthemum Weather

As is often the case here, the weather report has changed. We are now looking at some sunny days and warmer nights. It's chrysanthemum weather. If we are lucky we might get a week or two! That's very nice since some of my mums are just budding now. This Clara Curtis has been beautiful for some time. We got it early this spring and it has had all summer to settle in. I have high hopes that it will winter over. Most often the cupcake looking mums sold around here in the fall are totally root bound and have absolutely no chance to make it through our winter. Clara is planted on the south side of one of the stone walls so I like her chances.

Yesterday was a delightful day in the garden. Ed dug the last of the potatoes and some carrots. I worked at cleaning up some gone- to- seed plants and weeds. We both pondered where we will plant the bulbs we ordered early in the season. One package has already arrived. Another will be here any day now. Optimism has its rewards! As is usually the case we have ordered more that we have space ready to plant.

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