Friday, February 15, 2008

Winter Garden Beds

It’s a lovely snowy day since I don’t have to go anywhere. The garden is back to a more wintry normal. The plants are safe under their blanket of snow. I bet the skunks have gone back to sleep too. There’s not much to do outside, so I took some time to sort out this year's seeds. I always start out the year with the new seeds marked for 2008 and arranged in alphabetical order in their own box. For awhile it makes it easier to find them, although I confess the system loses out as the summer wears on. That done, it’s time to go back through the leftover seed from previous years and check to make sure I have my necessary seeds. Sometimes I save seed. Sometimes extra seeds from last year are still good, and sometimes, all good intentions aside, there are some seed packets that never got opened. There’s always hope for them this year.

Some of my favorite vegetable varieties:
Basil: Genovese, Red Rubin, Aroma 2
Beans: Asparagus yard long beans
Beets: Rodina, Forono
Carrots: Sugar Snack
Kale: Winterbor, Red Russian
Onions: Copra
Peas: Oregon Giant snow peas, Lincoln shell peas
Pepper: Ace
Pumpkin: Small Sugar
Spinach : Bloomsdale, Melody
Squash: Butternut, Table Ace acorn, Golden Hubbard
Tomatoes: Red Sun

It’s not the whole list but it’s a start. I did not list a favorite lettuce because that is one place where I’ll buy almost anything. I think Flashy Trout Back was my favorite last year. Maybe I missed something. I’ll just give those catalogs one more look. It's still early!

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