Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blooming Can Be Hard

The weather has warmed and the ice is retreating. There are still some very icy spots. The UPS man actually did make it up the driveway yesterday. If we get the predicted rain and thunder, the driveway should clear tonight.

So I walked around the garden and looked for something really neat to take a picture of. There it was, a beautiful Johnny Jump Up! Yes, it looks bedraggled, wet, muddy, but remember this plant was encased in ice only yesterday. It has every right to be a little bedraggled. I should look so good after such treatment. Flowers in February are always special. Actually, I love these little guys. They are hardy, fragrant, delicious in salads, and have such cute faces. Once started, these really spread. It tugs at my heart strings a bit to pull them out. Many times I don't!

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