Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hens and Chicks

Can this be February? These hens and chicks (I think Mom called them cats and kittens) are on top of that icy curved wall from two posts ago. I bought these this fall, because last winter, the furry critters ate the ones that I had for years. The top of the stone wall seemed exactly the right place to plant them.

As you can see things have melted and it's a lot less muddy. Now there's a little snow in the air. I'm sure the plants would love to have their white blanket back. The driveway is clear, but I'm still waiting for that one seed order. Shumway lost the race. When it comes I can check to see what other seeds I might need (or want).

This is a wonderful time for a gardener with the promise of a new spring, and another gardening season. The potential is thrilling!

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