Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Birdhouse Cleaning

After I saw my first bluebird of the season, my husband suited up and went around to clean out the bluebird houses that we have scattered around the 30 acres. The very next day he was rewarded with the sight of four male bluebirds checking out the boxes outside the kitchen window. The guys always check out the real estate first. The girls come along later.

The picture above is the remains of a blue bird nest from last year. It is made up of mostly grass. This one is two layers, one definitely used and the other perhaps not. The best one can hope for is two clutches of bluebirds in a summer. We try to clean out the boxes in between, but the timing is sometimes tricky. The birds don't have the blue leaflet that gives the date the second clutch should be laid. Sometimes we actually get to see those gorgeous blue eggs if she has already started her second clutch. In that case we quickly close the box to disturb her as little as possible.

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