Thursday, February 21, 2008

Restless Winter

If you think as I do of the winter as being a time for a garden to rest in preparation for the exuberance of spring, then you know my garden is having a restless night. First it was nicely tucked in under a blanket of snow, then the covers were thrown off in a hot flash. Next came chills and finally the blanket was back. I have lost track of how many times that has happened this year. I'm afraid my perennials will wake with the equivalent of bags under their eyes.

The daffodils are sticking the tips of there leaves above the level of the dirt. Since the picture, the blanket is back, the snooze button has been set. Another week or two under the covers would be perfect. Without that beauty sleep those leaf tips will brown. Of course the flowers will be so glorious, who will notice?

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DeVona said...

Your blog is great! . It is insightful, reflective, sometimes amusing, and just plain wonderful!It's like a visit with you in your garden (but without the tea and snacks afterward) I can't wait to get out and play in the dirt again! I saw signs this week that Spring is coming- six snowdrops are blooming in the front border! I also look forward to seeing where I planted the daffodils you gave me last Fall, since I can't remember where I put them.