Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Violets are Delicious!

Some violets are purple tiny and rare. A present from Susan they get special care.

Some violets are pink, a little surprise. I transplanted blue. Could it be my eyes?

Some violets are white with a dark purple throat. Rhyming is fun, but I'll end on that note.

The white violets are all through the grass here. I enjoy picking their heart shaped leaves and pretty flowers to add to a garden salad . They have lots of vitamin C. I just wash them and toss them in the salad spinner with everything else. A nice purple, raspberry vinaigrette adds the final touch. Delicious!


Donna said...

I have noticed more running through the gardens...so cute as they peek through...I forgot you could eat them...I will have to pick and enjoy..

DeVona said...

Enjoyed rhyming violet post! I read your blog the most!