Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Showers 29, Sunshine and Flowers 1

I know that March has the reputation for coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. I have to say this year April has been a bear. Finally on the very last day, we got an entire day of sunshine. The flowers were as relieved as I was. Today was the grand opening for these spring beauties. Last fall Ed moved them from the back woods into the shade garden so I can access them more easily. It was a thrill to see them come up and flower!

A very favorite thing is gazing up through a tree's lovely white blossoms to admire the blue sky. Magnolia trees are nice for this, but a flowering serviceberry, also know locally as shadbush, works just fine. These white flowered trees dot the woods in this area and are usually the first flowering trees to be seen in the spring.

My grape hyacinths that have been closed up tight are now open , just waiting for welcome visitors. Mr. hummingbird take note!

I saved the very best for last. Our newly rediscovered trailing arbutus flowers are open . The fragrance of this plant wafting in the breeze brings back pleasant memories from my childhood. Even the aroma of cow manure from the fields next door mixing in, can't dampen my enthusiasm. I managed to get down to the ground to inhale its fragrance. There's nothing quite like it!

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