Monday, February 8, 2010

Sometimes Something About The Garden Stinks

Looking out the bedroom window this morning,skunk tracks and areas of digging were the first thing I noticed. Skunks are a mixed blessing. The do eat grubs and ground bees. On the other hand they also eat honey bees, dig up freshly planted plants, and of course there is that nasty scent problem. Here we have a live and let live policy where skunks are concerned.

It's a sad day when one of your favorite garden toys is in the shop in pieces with serious repairs needed. Apparently Ed's John Deere just wasn't up to the task at hand here in the stone wall garden. This would only be worse if it were warmer, and Ed was missing time in the garden. We will have to make time a difficult choice between getting a bigger machine that can handle our varied terrain, and repairing the one we have, knowing it's not up to the job. Having to make this kind of choice really stinks!

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Carol said...

I am with you there ... when we have a large area, it is important to keep the paths down and some areas open... my toy machine is needing the same servicing yours seems to need! I have the smell of greenbacks leaving my pocket! Good Luck!