Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some Things To Do While Waiting For Spring

Take a drive and look for signs of spring. Yesterday while we were out we saw our first sap buckets hanging on sugar maple trees. You can have your groundhog, for us this is a true sign of spring. However,February is not finished with us yet, the snow that has been passing us by is dropping in here this time. So far we have been lucky, but one of the things that Ed gets to do is clear the driveway, again!

A fun thing to do is to order new plants. I ordered my curry leaf plant , Murraya koenigii, yesterday. When I asked when my new tropical baby would be shipped ,I was told "As soon as we have four above freezing days in a row. I would guess in two or three weeks." Given the weather today that seems impossible, but Logee's has been in the tropical plant business in Connecticut for many years, so I guess they should know.

Reading gardening books and magazines is another thing to do. The article in the Feb./Mar. Horticulture about the Alnwick Garden is filled with gorgeous pictures. For me the feeling of having visited there because of the Harry Potter movies adds special interest. But it's the picture of the little girl at the locked gate of the poison plant garden that calls to me. I wanted to get past that gate myself. I wanted to see the potent and powerful plants and learn more about them.

Another great thing to do is to take a virtual trip to another garden.
I was visiting Teza's Garden reading a post about monkshood. It was there that I found a key to go beyond that intriguing locked gate. Hidden among the comments I found a link to The Poison Garden. No flying key is necessary, just a click with your magic mouse and you can spend the afternoon beyond that locked door among those potent and powerful plants. I'm going for a visit since from here at my computer I'm perfectly safe from even the most deadly plants.

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