Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Different Point Of View

When visitors come here, walks in the garden are common. Amy and I took such a walk, and I gave her the camera. These are her photographs. A lovely bleeding heart flower is a nice place to start.

This bubble-like spider web was in the berry bushes just alongside the path. It was bustling with activity and a type of web that I've never seen before. We found it fascinating!

My mother's iris are lovely. It's nice to capture their fleeting beauty with the camera.

Snow in summer is a favorite flower of Amy's. It's white flowers and gray foliage are cooling in the summer. I wish we needed that cool feeling. Freeze /frost warnings are in the forecast for tonight. The last one gave us a bad feeling and I have been watching for this. We have been procrastinating and not replanting. Sometimes procrastination pays off! Today we hope the beans will stay underground. Ed will go out and cover the potatoes that are coming up with dirt. Plants will be chosen to be covered, but some things will just have to take it like it comes. If the warnings are accurate, tomorrow morning will bring frost in June. I suppose they might be wrong. If not, there's still hope for frost-free July and August.

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