Monday, June 1, 2009

Frosted In June !

Frost in June is not the best of news for a gardener. Still it could have been much worse. We have been reading freeze warnings for days. The clouds that you can see in the picture definitely lessened the cold. The frost is light and spotty. Up next to the house and inside the stone square seemed to have escaped if just barely.

Between the clove currants and the stone wall also seems to have been spared. Our garden was placed on a south facing gentle slope. We failed to see the path the cold takes as it pours downhill. It seems to roll down through the notch in the hill, across the garden, and down the small ravine to the right. Behind the house and down to the river also seems to have escaped the frost.

This bee balm is in the unwalled part of the garden. It is clearly placed in the river of cold that flows here. It's frosted!

Ed's out on dawn patrol washing the frost off some of the more delicate plants with a watering can. By 7:00 AM the frost was gone. The annuals are still in safe in the basement. They will be carried outside when it warms up. The forecast looks better, perhaps we will screw up our courage and plant them in the garden hanging on to the belief that this really was our last frost.


Anonymous said...

Your bottom photo is purely magical! What great lighting. I'm glad the frost didn't do any damage. Your property is lovely - that's a great view in your header photo. (Ontario had 2" of snow yesterday, so don't feel too badly.)

Daphne said...

I was wondering if northern New England would get frost. It was pretty cold when I got up this morning, but we live a lot farther south than you.

Anonymous said...

June! Ouch. I'm glad your annuals escaped at least.