Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Flowers Even Without April Showers

Around here May is the month when the garden begins to hum with activity. Yesterday was a busy gardening day. We talked about going driving by the wildflower hill, but it didn't happen. Ed did walk to the back to see if the dwarf ginseng flowers had opened. They were not open yet,but the spring beauties were ready for a picture.

Much of the day was spent in the garden planting seeds, weeding and inhaling the perfume of the clove currant bushes. The perennial plants are coming back now. We did lose a few things to winter kill. The weather was particularly cruel this year,but the pink poppies, sunflowers, dill, evening scented stock, and Ingeleborg's mallows are starting to come up. That means the soil has warmed. Unfortunately it has also been very dry. Last night's rain was so welcome . We might have gotten an inch. That's not nearly enough, but it's a start and all the plants look happier this morning because of it.

It's great to be back picking salad ingredients from the garden. The asparagus has started. Now the great garden meals begin! Ed just called me to see a gorgeous rosy breasted grosbeak in the locust tree. I'm headed out!

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Daphne said...

Oh you are so lucky. The weathermen told us we would get rain here in southern New England, but it missed us. It was just enough to turn the ground barely damp before drying up. I hope we get rain soon.