Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ditch Weed

Most have likely seen this plant growing alongside of the road. Ours just appeared in the rubble next to a planting bed. I always felt that the flowers were special but who grows weeds. Research revealed that rocket arrived in this country as a garden flower with the early European settlers. It was a prized garden plant. A walk in the garden after dark revealed this plants sweet evening scent. Sweet rocket has all of the qualities any gardener could seek. It is hardy enough to make it on its own. Color ranges from white to pink to purple. Little fragrance is noticed during the daytime but the air is filled with its wonderful scent after dark. Sweet rocket will hold a prominent spot in our perennial border.

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Jared said...

I love dame's rocket. Over in Washington County it fills the space between the woods and the fields during June. Two years ago was a banner year for it; this year looks like it might be a close second! It's shown up at the farmer's market in New York City, too; my coworker has a vase full of it on her desk. Lovely flower!