Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On The Wild Side

A necessary trip in the car found us driving by our favorite wildflower hill. We were not disappointed. Countless white trilliums and a few red ones made an impressive display.This sharp-lobed hepatica plant was down by the road allowing a close up of its mottled leaves. The lovely pale lavender flowers are past, but the plant is still spectacular.

A patch of these violets caught my eye as we did our slow drive by. We stopped the car and both took a walk along the road to get a better look at these delicate little flowers. I don't know the name for this one. There are many wild violets and my reference books don't show them all.That pointed lower petal would seem to be rather distinctive.

Last but not least is a rather tall yellow violet. The hepatica leaves in the same picture show why we find this place so exciting. There are so many beautiful wildflowers all in the same place.We just have to go there sometimes.

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Tatyana said...

Hi Becky! I just love the shape of the leaves on the first picture!