Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Frosted Again

In our defense the long range weather forecast predicted lows in the mid 40s for the next several days. Sunlight had been strong and the time seemed right. We have been nightly carrying the plants into the basement for weeks. Last night the plants were left outside. The frost came yet again. Only the tops of the tallest zinnias were frost damaged. Cut these flowers off and these plants can be planted.

One or two of these basil plants look alive. Destruction seems total for the heliotrope. One lesson learned this year is get to the nursery fast. Last year we spent precious time licking our frosted wounds. By the time we got to the nurseries others had purchased all of the replacement plants. We are out of here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the dance we gardeners play each spring! Will it frost? Will it not? Who knows, but let's plant anyway. We always plant our veggie garden on Mother's Day weekend, but got too busy. Sure enough, we had a light frost after that, so good thing we waited.